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It was my passion since beginning to understand energy healing and I was madly behind Reiki, Pranic healing cosmic therapy, Mantra therapy, healing through meditation, etc. That was way back in 2005, in Kudremukh my friend was giving Reiki to a paralyzed patient. Much to the excitement of everybody present there the hand has started moving! It was an unbelievable sight for all of us. In another instance my son had conjunctivitis with cherry red fearful eyes and that was the first ever Reiki healing I gave him by doing cleansing and visibly his eyes have started becoming normal and irritation subsided in a matter of 10 minutes! Any number of such instances to support the positive effects of energy healing can be quoted but when I look back the effects were not reproduced as we wished or craved perhaps! When the results are not reproducible the question arises naturally in a scientific mind was the previous success a happenstance? Even though the answer is No, there is hardly any corroborative evidence to that answer as there tends to be more failures than successes. I even had a chance to see a healer’s blood sugar levels increased after treating a severely diabetic patient for a fortnight! Such migration of a disease was horrific and definitely unexpected and even uncalled for and he had to vigorously go through a prescribed 21 days cleansing procedure to bring his own health back to normalcy! It is definitely not the failure of the therapy system. In actuality the energy healing through individuals depended on too many factors like limitations of visualization, the healer's mental, physical, emotional conditions at the time of healing, the healer's approach to healing, the healer's energy levels in comparison to the patient's, the ambience of a place of healing and of course not to mention the consistency with which the healer is engaged in healing etc. This fact was quite intimidating and I always wished if it could be substantiated through repetitive successes.

The exploration of truth is a never-ending process and one life is pitiably small to explore the truths about energy. I always wondered if the incapacity of a healer as an individual could be overcome in producing healing vibrations. And the positive effects of healing through vibrations is reproducible. I had dreamt many times if energy could be tamed to our needs of healing and we could use it whenever we want wherever we want irrespective of human limitations and I had found, to my surprise, Vibronics had the answer!

Vibronics makes use of a potentiser machine which transfers the healing vibrations from one sample to the other through its mechanical means to produce Geometro-Magnetic vibrations. A sample is subjected to the Magnetic field to nullify the impact of earth's field and meticulously prepared geometric patterns or medicinal samples are used to prepare the remedies desired.

The use of Vibronics goes mainly, though not exclusively, in the preparation of Homeopathic remedies the concept of which relies purely on vibrational therapeutics. Homeopathic remedies are actually measured in potencies or dilutions and are prepared by hundreds of thousands of repeated dilutions of a medicinal sample in alcohol and subjecting the same to vigorous shaking to turn it into a potential healing vibration. In brief, potency can be defined as follows. A drop of the medicinal sample if mixed in 100 drops of alcohol and shaken vigorously to release the inherent healing potential creates 1c potency of a medicine and in vibropathy more the dilution more powerful will be the remedy and as high as 10000c potencies are commonly used in vibropathy to treat the chronic cases resulting in long-lasting cures. Hitherto it was a very time consuming mechanical procedure and now, thanks to the science of Vibronics, it is possible to generate vibrations of the desired remedy almost in no time.

As no human interference in involved in Vibronics method of preparing a medicine Vibronics system has paved the way for a new, yet time tested and trusted method of creating healing vibrations beyond the limits of healing through human medium.

Now… energy is tamed…all that is required is our understanding of its potential to cure the diseases and its application at the right time.

Power of Meditation

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May the true healing systems sustain for the benefit of Mankind…

Shekhar TV
Vibronics Healer